Intelligence for The People

We're an AI accelerated studio, harnessing the magic of technology to bring people together.

At our heart is a character named Tanaki, a creative superfriend who makes AI accessible to people.

Tanaki's mission is pure and simple:
collaboration + creativity.

Tens of thousands of young fans play and create together with our characters.

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Our Model


It starts in the lab, where our collaborative crew of designers, animators, and engineers tinker with Tanaki’s tech, exploring the limits of what’s possible. We work close to the metal to dream up larger-than-life size installations, hardware to support Tanaki’s ever-growing gigabrain, and other character-driven activations.

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Clients work with us to embed applied AI and character-driven narrative into their products and user experience. Our team of artists, designers, animators, and developers helps you bring your vision to life with a bit of AI magic.

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Open Source

We believe unlocking the power of play through AI is only possible if we invite others to create alongside us. That’s why all of Tanaki’s 3D models and animation specs are open sourced on GitHub and Blender, letting anyone set up build upon him as a 3D puppet rig.

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